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Posted on: 06/18/18
As the status and respect of women is growing around the world, so is her desire to look more presentable and appealing at workplace, home, in parties or amongst friends. Along with trendy clothes and contemporary mannerisms, wearing the right kind of makeup is also of utmost importance. It boosts the image of a woman by spawning more confidence and courage in her to face the world. Wearing the right kind of makeup can dramatically glorify ones looks as well as the overall personality by emphasizing prominent facial features. However, recently the conventional makeup products have been surrounded by a lot of controversies regarding the harmful chemicals they contain. Seeing the present scenario, natural makeup products are the best deal for a makeup lover.

Do you know the makeup products you use are full of strong chemicals like artificial colors and petrochemical dyes that may pose a serious threat to your eyes, skin and even to your health? After knowing this are you willing to change from a chemical based makeup to a makeup that is all nature based? A natural makeup, besides making you look naturally attractive and beautiful, is also very skin friendly and is neutral on the skin. It is generally derived from plant waxes and plant oils that make it completely natural, enriching it with ceramides, minerals and antioxidant vitamins, with no added chemicals. Thus it does not cause any allergies, reactions or other skin inflammations.

Natural makeup, as already clarified, is completely nature based. It has been seen that the ingredient chemicals of makeup products can easily penetrate the skin, especially due to repeated exposure. These chemicals found in the cosmetic products are linked with to infertility, hormonal dysfunction and even cancer. On the contrary, natural makeup protects the skin against these harmful effects and also against skin allergies, inflammations, reactions and other harmful effects that may result due to the use of chemical based makeup.

The natural organic skin care products blend with your skin yet they shine through making you look naturally gorgeous. Besides enhancing your beauty, natural makeup has a natural SPF that provides a protection against UVA and UVB rays. Natural makeup lets your skin breathe freely by not blocking the skin pores thus keeping it fresh even when the makeup is on.

Natural makeup comes with a wide variety of products ranging from natural face makeup; eco-friendly lip care products such as natural lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss; natural perfume and fragrance, natural eye makeup that includes mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and more; natural nail care including nail paint, nail shiner and more; even the natural makeup brushes and tools are available in the market. They are made of bamboo and other such natural/organic materials. Thus an entire range of natural makeup products, labeled under various reputed names, is available in the market. The onus is directly on the user for whether he wants to go with much superior natural organic makeup products or traditional chemical based products of makeup.

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